“Cultural bridge between the two countries” exhibition opened in Új Városháza Gallery

The temporary exhibition of the Új Városháza (New Town Hall) Gallery, which opened on the 20th of June 2024, presents the period of Lajos Kossuth’s emigration to Sumen.

Lajos Kossuth, who emigrated 175 years ago, lived in the Bulgarian town of Sumen, the Kossuth House turned into a museum, the events that took place there, and the life of the people who worked there are presented in a joint exhibition of tabloids by the Municipality of Debrecen and the Bulgarian Nationality Municipality of Debrecen in the New Town Hall Gallery.

Sumen has nine twin cities, one of which is Debrecen. In the 1850s, Lajos Kossuth had to flee the country under duress in April 1849, and as a revolutionary leader he spent part of his exile in the then Ottoman city of Sumen.

At the opening of the exhibition, Deputy Mayor István Puskás said that in Bulgaria, we Hungarians are remembered as the community that brought Western culture to Bulgaria under Turkish occupation, and Lajos Kossuth is still worshipped in Sumen.

President of the Bulgarian Nationality Local Government of the City of Debrecen, Anikó Deleff emphasised during the presentation of the exhibition that the exhibition presents the period of Lajos Kossuth’s emigration to Sumen. She highlighted that the house where Kossuth once lived is now a museum.

Historian,  Associate Professor of History, Dr. Ferenc Velkey, noted that Kossuth and his companions spent only four months in Sumen, nevertheless, the importance of this is very great, which can also be observed in the Bulgarian urbanisation and the formation of memorial sites.

The exhibition will be open until the 7th of July 2024, during the opening hours of the Új Városháza (New Town Hall).

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U