Even though Debrecen is often referred to as the Calvinist Rome, its religious landscape is rather diverse and there are many religious communities present here. The city is the seat of the Reformed and Roman Catholic bishops and is home to the Greek Catholic Archdiocese as well as the largest rural Jewish community in Hungary. If you want to learn more about landmarks of the Reformed Church in the city, visit Debrecen’s official website here. If interested to find out more about Roman Catholic landmarks, visit the website here and for Greek Catholic landmarks visit their official website here. For more information about iconic places of the Jewish community in Debrecen, visit the following website. Besides the above-mentioned main religions present in Debrecen, some other religious communities also have a great significance, including Lutherans, Unitarians and Baptists.

Some of these religions also offer foreign language services for visitors and international residents of the city. Roman Catholic holy mass is celebrated in English at 4pm on Sundays at Szent László Church. Besides Sunday mass, the church also organizes catechism classes, marriage classes and other religious courses for those interested. Every Wednesday at 2pm a Hungarian Language Conversation Club is held for Hungarians and internationals living in and around Debrecen. To find out more about the mass and other events, visit the official website of the church located at 6 Füredi Street.

At the same time Roman Catholic holy mass is also celebrated in German at 4.30pm on Sundays at Szent Anna Cathedral. To learn more information about the Germanlanguage Catholic Mission – that was launched at Pentecost in 2019 – and the holy mass, visit the official website of the church located at 21 Szent Anna Street.

The Bible Baptist Church offers English-language services on Sundays at 42 Faraktár Street. For further information visit the church’s official website here.

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Debrecen organises regular meet-ups for Englishspeakers. The church is located at 4 Miklós Street and their official website is available here.