Textile Sculptor’s Exhibition “Magic of the Moment” Comes to Debrecen

The soon-to-open exhibition of textile sculptor Tímea Sz. Nagy focuses on the experience of “now”. At the beginning of 2020, after a very successful exhibition, the country closed down almost immediately, leaving the artist a lot of time for reflection. Many, many works of art were created during this time, all around the theme of introspection, contemplation, silence and gratitude.

For Tímea Sz.Nagy it is very important to live the present, to experience every single moment of the creative process, to feel and enjoy, to taste the magic, to absorb the experience that the creation gives… and to pass on its message. As she puts it so strongly, the focus of her forthcoming exhibition in Debrecen is on living the “now”.

The exhibition opens on the 19th of June at 4.30 p.m. at DAB Székház in Thomas Mann Street. President of the MTA DAB Club, professor István Rácz will give a toast at the event, which will be opened by art writer János Cs. Tóth with the participation of Anita Oláh playing the harp.

Date: from 19 June
Location: DAB Székház

Source: dehir.hu