Winter Moods come to life in the community centre in Debrecen

An exhibition of the works of the Creative Artists of Debrecen (DAK) opens under the title Winter Moods.

The exhibition will be opened on Monday, on the 29th of January at 5 p.m. by doctor-painter, Dr. Nóra Medveczky in the Újkert Community Hall.

Exhibiting artists: Katalin Erdeiné Törőcsik, Ferenc Gulyás, Béla Kelemen, Csaba Kiss, Imre Lackó Szilágyi, Nóra Medveczky, Katalin Sándorné Hirsch and Ferenc Pallás.

The exhibition can be viewed until February 16 during the opening hours of the community centre.

Date: 29 January-16 February

Location: Újkert Community Hall

Source: dehir.hu