Night at the Zoo 2023


August 25, 2023 - August 26, 2023    
12:00 am


Debrecen Zoo
4032 Debrecen, Ady Endre út 1, Debrecen, Hungary, 4032

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There comes a night every year that puts animals in the spotlight. August 25, you will see the 12th annual Night at the Zoo, offering you a taste of Asia’s vast biological and cultural diversity through a unique array of summer evening events and activities from 19:00 to 23:00.

Night at the Zoo is the best time for you to take a peek into the secret night lives of our residents amid the flickers of torchlight, with enough Animals in Action encounters to fill a whole evening coupled with a Dare at the Palm House and a journey through our past 65 years in the House of Knowledge full of zoo relics. Keeper talks will introduce you to theDebrecen’s first red panda cub, while guided tours will showcase Asia’s unique and highly threatened wildlife.

As per a decade-old tradition, there will be plenty of performances and activities for you to indulge in, such as a cultural and culinary journey through Asia, martial arts performances, LED and fire-juggling shows, insect microscopy, star-gazing, and glowing minerals for a fantastic night out! Amusement Park adventures also await you for fun and thrills, with festive lighting for some of the 21 rides, including the mighty Apollo-X.

Granting access to all events and activities, Night at the Zoo Passes are available for 2800 HUF per person, while Magic Wristbands granting entry as well as unlimited access to amusement park rides are available for 3900 HUF per person. Getting your ticket in advance at www.ticketbase.eu/zoodebrecen for a quick and convenient entry is highly recommended, although both types will still be available on-site.



19:30 – Opening ceremony (Red Panda Enclosure)

19:45-22:30 – Handpan performance (Samburu Panorama Patio)

20:00-22:00 – Journey through Asia (in front of the Funhouse)

– Interactive introduction to Japanese culture with samurai

– Wing Tsun Kung Fu showcase

– Korean dance and drums performance

– Traditional Indian dance performance

– Shaman drums from Inner Asia

22:00-23:00 – LED dancers, fusion tribal belly-dancers, and fire-jugglers (in front of the Funhouse)


All evening long:

– Support the red panda family of now three (Red Panda Enclosure)

– Dare at the Palm House

– House of Knowledge

– Insect microscopy with light traps

– Star-gazing and mini-planetary

– Glowing minerals (Africa Aviary)

– Japanese weapon showcase (Africa Aviary)

– Face-painting and arts-and-crafts corner


Animals in Action:

19:15 – Meet Chili the blue-and-yellow macaw

19:30 – Meet Artúr the Shetland pony

19:30 – Reticulated giraffe feed

19:30 – Meet the Nile hippos

20:00 – Red panda feed

20:00 – Lowland tapir feed

20:00 – Amphibian feed

20:15 – Meet Bán the African penguin

20:30 – Leopards in action

20:30 – Green tree python feed

21:00 – Night life of stick insects

21:30 – Sloth feed

21:45 – Asian lion feed

22:00 – Raccoon feed

22:00 – Amur tiger feed

22:30 – Nile crocodile feed

Source: allevents.in | Photo credit: zoodebrecen.hu