Even though Hungary is a member state of the European Union, it is not part of the Eurozone. The official currency of Hungary is called the forint, abbreviated as HUF or Ft. It is issued in both note and coin forms. Forint notes currently in use comprise of 500 Ft; 1,000 Ft; 2,000 Ft; 5,000 Ft; 10,000 Ft and 20,000 Ft. Coins are issued in denominations of 5 Ft; 10 Ft; 20 Ft; 50 Ft; 100 Ft and 200 Ft.

Banking hours in Hungary are from 8-9am to 4-5pm from Monday to Thursday, while on Friday’s banks tend to close early, usually at 3 or 4pm. Banks remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Banks offer a wide range of services to their customers in Hungary. General services include deposits and withdrawals, account management, overdrafts, credit services, mobile banking, savings account, as well as loans and mortgage services. ATM and mobile SMS services are also available. Internet banking has recently been introduced for convenience and security purposes. This is a 24-hour service through which you can review and pay bills, withdraw or transfer money, check account balance, apply for credit, recharge for prepaid services such as phone minutes and access foreign exchange rates online.

When opening a bank account, foreign citizens are offered the option to open either a Forint, a Euro or a US Dollar account. Minimum deposit requirements are usually the equivalent of USD 100.
When opening a bank account in Hungary, the following documents need to be presented: a valid passport, a valid address card or an accommodation certificate, as well as a letter from the employing company with proof of income. Depending on the bank, country-specific additional documents may be required. There are certain fees associated with opening a bank account in Hungary. These include an opening fee, a bank card fee and account management services.

Hungary provides a wide array of banks that foreign citizens can choose from depending on their individual needs. Some Debrecen-based major banks with walk-in branches and secure ATMs across Hungary include: 

Smaller banks and saving cooperatives offer similar services to their customers. To find out where to find the various banks and branches in Debrecen, visit the following website here