The offer on Debrecen’s current real estate market is extremely diverse, in this way everyone can find the most suitable property for them which best meets their expectations and needs. The properties come in various sizes and include different equipment ranging from completely empty to entirely furnished properties. You can find apartments for rent in traditional brick 4- storey apartment blocks or 10-storey panel buildings with an elevator. Significant new constructions have taken place in recent years, which means that many properties are waiting for their first tenants to move in.

In addition, Debrecen also offers a wide array of high-quality accommodation, no matter if you are staying in the city only for a weekend or for a longer period of time.

If you plan to stay in the city for half a year or longer, it may be worth considering renting your own apartment or house. The vast majority of the rental market offers can be found on the largest real estate portal in Hungary here.
It is worth deciding first what the best size for you is and what kind of equipment and furniture you expect for your property to have, also keeping in mind your budget. The location of the property within the city should also be an important consideration when browsing rental options. For instance, you should think of how far the nearest grocery store is, how you plan to get around in the city (in case you want to use public transport, how can you reach your workplace or school) and how safe the neighbourhood is. Once you determine what your priorities are, you should book a viewing in order to decide if the selected apartment/house meets your expectations. If you are not renting the property directly from the owner, the process may be assisted by real estate agents and relocation companies, who will accompany the entire process all the way to moving in and registering your new address.

If you plan to stay in Debrecen for a shorter period of time, you can choose from a wide range of accommodation options. May you be looking for a cosy pension in the heart of the Great Forest or a luxury hotel with wellness facilities in the city centre, in Debrecen you will find the accommodation that best suits your liking. Also, if you are travelling on a budget, the city offers high-quality dormitory rooms and comfortable campsite bungalows for backpackers, conference participants and holidaymakers.

In Debrecen, there is a wide range of real estate agencies, operating either as part of a franchise network or as independent offices. Some of them specialize in serving rental needs in particular. A professional real estate agent can be of great help for prospective tenants in choosing a suitable apartment or house since they are familiar with local peculiarities and the local rental market. In Hungary, the practice has developed that the intermediary’s fee is paid by the owner and not the tenant. Thus, from the tenant’s point of view, the intermediation service is free of charge, but the intermediary has an interest in the owner being satisfied with the rental fee.

Relocation companies can also help you find the apartment or house that best suits your liking by helping you refine and personalise the criteria based on which the best rental solution can be found. The companies’ professional real estate agents, together with other members of their team, provide a high-quality service to ensure the smooth and stress-free settling of foreigners in the city. See also at Local services menu (Accommodation).