Cinemas and concert halls

Cinema City

Cinema City Debrecen awaits visitors every day of the year with the best premieres, and a friendly and fast service. The cinema also shows English-speaking films.

Apollo Cinema

The Apollo cinema is the only art cinema in Debrecen, where in addition to the blockbuster films, the audience can also enjoy independent and children’s films. The cinema also shows English-speaking and other foreign language films.

Kodály Philharmonia Debrecen

Since 2011, the Kodaly Philharmonia Debrecen has brought together the work of the two major musical ensembles of the Civis town, the Kodaly Philharmonic Orchestra and the Kodaly Choir, in this way coordinating the entire classical music life of the city under the direction of Daniel Somogyi-Toth.


The Kantus of the Reformed College of Debrecen was founded in 1739 by Gyorgy Marothi, a renowned professor of the College. Kantus, that has been operating initially as a boys’ mixed choir and later as a men’s choir, is currently in its 278th school year and now operates as a youth mixed choir. You can choose from a wide range of other cultural programmes on the following website.