As the second largest city in Hungary, Debrecen has a lot to offer to those in search of high-quality entertainment. In addition to historical and cultural experiences, there is also a great number of small- and large-scale events which attract tens of thousands of tourists to the city every year and also get residents of Debrecen actively involved.

The city hosts a large number of gastronomic festivals throughout the year. To find out more about these popular events, visit the ‘Gastronomy’ section of our website. Debrecen is also famous for its cultural festivals, designed for all four seasons and for all kinds of interests.

Debrecen Flower Carnival

The Flower Carnival is the largest and most famous cultural event in the city and one of the most significant ones in Hungary as well. Between 14 and 21 August, Debrecen becomes a flower-filled city. The main event – on 20 August, St Stephen’s Day – is the parade of spectacular floral floats and performances by artistic groups from all over the world. The event has grown into a seven-day festival, offering many activities such as folk dance and theatre performances, pop and classical concerts, puppet shows, a children’s funfair and a craft fair. One of the highlights of the event is the spectacular fireworks held during the evening followed by an unforgettable party in which visitors and residents of the city can celebrate together. To read more about the festival and check out the programmes from last year, visit the following website.

Béla Bartók International Choir Competition and Folklore Festival

The music festival, founded in 1961, is one of the most prestigious choir competitions in the world today. It aspires to exhibit high-quality, contemporary acapella choir pieces. Folklore nights, dance houses, culinary programmes, church performances and joint singing events complement the programme of the competition. To learn more about this world-renown competition, visit the event’s official website.

Debrecen Campus Festival

The Campus Festival is organised in July each year, hosting a wide range of concerts of famous national and international singers and bands, stand-up comedy performers and actors. Each year thousands of students and youngsters who want to take part in an unforgettable party participate in this event that is one of the highlights of the summer season. To find out more about the festival, visit the following website.

Debrecen Spring Festival & Art Exhibition

In addition to classical music, jazz and pop concerts, even performers experimenting with multiple genres are introduced to the audience. The theatrical repertoire also includes some dance performances. Fine art is brought closer to the visitors by the annual Debrecen Spring Exhibition.

Deszka Festival

Held in the springtime in the Csokonai National Theatre, the annual festival showcases theatrical dramas and performances created by contemporary artists. Even though most artists are from Hungary, the festival also hosts productions from beyond the border and abroad. Therefore, some of the performances are in a foreign language. For more information, visit the following website.

Debrecen Autumn Festival

The Debrecen Autumn Festival is one of the most momentous programmes in the city’s cultural life offering a wide range of entertainment options for all age groups. The festival’s repertoire includes concerts, theatrical and dance performances, folk art and children’s programmes, and thematic film festivals featuring the outstanding characters of Debrecen’s art scene too to provide an even more colourful festival programme.


The festival that was held for the first time in 2017, pays tribute to the Debrecen-born world-renowned novelist of the 20th century, who has publications in 42 countries and in over 30 languages. Some of her most famous works worldwide include Abigél (“Abigail”, 1970), Régimódi történet (“Old-fashioned story”, 1977), Az ajtó (“The door”, 1987) and Für Elise (2002). She received 22 Hungarian and international prizes, including the French literary prize Prix Femina Etranger for the best foreign novel in 2003. In the programme series offered as part of MagdaFest, theatre, music, fine arts, dance and film all play an important role. Some of the productions are in English. The festival focuses primarily on showing the fate of women and thus, it showcases works created predominantly by female artists.

Debrecen Christmas Fair

Advent is a special time in the cultural life of Debrecen filled with exciting programmes which help residents and visitors to get into a Christmas spirit. Some of these events include a candle-lighting ceremony on the city’s Advent wreath, concerts, traditional performances, as well as a spectacular Christmas market offering unique craft products, delicacies and heart-warming hot drinks. In addition, visitors can have a good time by riding on the Ferris wheel, skating on the ice rink and drinking hot chocolate in the German Christmas cabin, all set up on the city’s main square. For more information, visit the following website

St. Michael’s Day Fair

The largest open-air county fair in the country is held twice a year, in the springtime and the autumn. The fair opens Saturday morning and closes Sunday evening, offering a wide variety of products, such as crafts, clothes, delicacies and homeware to mention a few. The fair also hosts a small recreational park with various rides available primarily for children.

Debrecen Antique Fair

This unique fair is held on every other Sunday, primarily during the summer season. The venue of the fair is the parking lot of the Tesco shopping centre on Kishegyesi Street. For those who would like to find antique furniture, books or anything vintage, this is the place to be. To learn the schedule of the fair, visit the following website.

Besides the annual festivals, Debrecen also has a vibrant night life. Those who want to party or just want to have a good time, will find the best to their liking.

There are several bars and clubs both in the city centre and around the university campus offering high-quality entertainment, delicious cocktails, as well as top-quality Hungarian and international wine. You can find places at the Local services menu (Entertainment).