Festival & Events

The city hosts a large number of gastronomic events throughout the year which attract thousands of visitors and tourists to Debrecen. Some of these festivals include:


The festival was held for the first time in 2010. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the gastronomic specialties of the most famous restaurants in Debrecen and the most delicious palinkas in the country. The uplifting atmosphere of the festival is provided by the most popular Hungarian bands and performers. For more information, visit the website here.

The oldest continuous annual jazz festival (since 1972), the Debrecen Jazz Days, and the most popular wine festival of the Northern Great Plains, the Debrecen Wine Carnival, paired up in 2015 to offer a real “gastro-jazz” experience for jazz and wine lovers featuring live jazz bands and top-ranked Hungarian family wineries. The festival is held in the heart of the Great Forest and is a highly popular event in the city’s cultural life. For more information, visit the website here

The festival aims at showcasing the authentic ingredients and exciting flavours the region has to offer. At the three-day festival, fine dining restaurants, bistros and food trucks prepare their delicious dishes in a creative way and offer a special gastronomic experience to visitors of the festival. For more information, visit the website here.

The three-day event, organised since 2003, is attended by tens of thousands of visitors each year. In addition to culinary delights, light and classical music concerts, gypsy music, street theatre, puppet theatre, children’s programmes, and a spectacular fair with folk art and craft products make the festival even more fun to be part of. For more information, visit the website here

St. Martin’s Day is celebrated on November 11 in Hungary. It is a traditional feast day in the country celebrated with tasting new wines and eating geese. Entertainment for all ages is guaranteed by the performance of local bands, orchestras and art groups. For more information, visit the website here.

Mangalica is a Hungarian breed of domestic pig with a thick and curly coat of hair. The festival, usually held around February, is dedicated to showcasing primarily products made of this animal, as well as other organic products made by small-scale producers including dairy products, honey and syrup. The culinary experience of visitors is accompanied by a series of cultural programmes . For more informazion, visit the website here.

During the Carnival Week in August, over a hundred different lagers, ales, pale ales and craft beers are served by dozens of Czech breweries representing various regions of the Czech Republic. The event is held under the shades of the trees of Great Forest Park in front of the Nagyerdei Open Air Theatre. For more information, visit the website here

The largest and one of the oldest and most prestigious agricultural exhibitions in Hungary is held on the Campus of the Agricultural Research Institute and Farm of the University of Debrecen. This four-day event, held in August, is attended by hundreds of exhibitors and visitors each year and offers professional and audience programmes including animal and machine tool trade shows, conferences and business meetings. For more information, visit the website here