Child healthcare

Like general practitioners, paediatricians (házi gyermekorvos) are also allocated to the various districts in Debrecen. To find out which paediatrician works in your district, visit the following website here. The work of a paediatrician is complemented and assisted by the local health visitor (védőnő) who care for mothers and new-borns before childbirth and in the initial period following the childbirth. For more information on the function of these health care professionals and where to find them, visit the section on ‘Having a child’.

The Debrecen Institute of Primary Care and Health Development (DAEFI), part of the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen, provides a wide range of paediatric healthcare services – including dentistry, ophthalmiatry, health education and drug prevention sessions among others – all in the same building. This combined screening opportunity is unique of its kind.

The Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen has a specialised Paediatrics Clinic whose activities cover the entire spectrum of Paediatrics. Besides general diagnostic and therapeutic methods, modern procedures are also performed that are acknowledged internationally as well. The Division of General Paediatrics provides treatment for diseases of the heart and the kidney, gastrointestinal diseases, and for diseases of the nervous system and hormonal system. The units for premature infants, new-borns, paediatric intensive care, and the division of paediatric surgery are also available for the small patients. The division of haematology/oncology provides care for blood-forming disorders and tumours, and the division of allergology treats patients with respiratory diseases. The Clinic also provides urgent care for paediatric emergencies (see under the ‘Urgent Care’ section).