General practitioners (háziorvos) are the first point of contact in accessing health care services in Hungary, since they provide referrals to specialists and to a hospital. Therefore, it is important to register with a GP when you arrive in Hungary. To find out which GP belongs to your district, visit the following website here. At the bottom of the page, you find a map whereby entering your home address (street and house number) you can find out the name and contact details of the GP working in your respective district. Once you register with a GP, you are usually requested to have a consultation with them to go over your medical history and to have a general check-up. In case you have any emerging questions regarding health care in Hungary, this is a good opportunity to get answers.

In order to see your GP, you need to make an appointment in advance over the phone, although many practices have so-called consultation hours when you can speak to your doctor without an appointment (only to be used in urgent cases). Some GPs also make house calls in case the patient is not able to see them in the practice.

If you would like to consult a specialist (szakorvos), you need a referral from a GP. Once you have a referral, you can make an appointment with the specialist directly. However, you do not need a referral from a GP in case you want to see an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist, a dentist, a dermatologist, a gynaecologist, a surgeon or a traumatologist.

To see a GP or a specialist you need to have a Hungarian health insurance card, known as a Társadalombiztosítási Azonosító Jel (TAJ) Kártya, in case you live and/or work in Hungary, or a health insurance voucher / European Health Insurance Card in any other cases. This card entitles you to access health care services free of charge.

Nonetheless, if you opt for private health care centres and service providers, you can also find a wide range of these in Debrecen. These facilities offer high-quality health care services and are usually specialised in certain medical fields, such as dentistry, plastic surgery, or dermatology. The doctors and health care workers working here speak excellent English and will do their best to accommodate their patients’ needs. See also at Local services menu (Healthcare).