Household waste management

Natural person real estate users can choose from blue containers with different capacities according to their needs. In the optimal case, waste that can no longer be reused and is not a hazardous substance is placed in the container. It is typically emptied once a week, in a door-to-door system. You can get more information on the public service provider's website:

Natural and non-natural person waste generators can hand over their separately collected, usable waste (e.g. paper, plastic, glass) to us in the selective door-to-door collection operated as part of the public service, at the selective waste collection points (collection islands), or in the waste collection yard.

More information on waste collection and transport:

Debrecen Hulladék Közszolgáltató Nonprofit Kft.

Customer service:

4024 Debrecen, Vígkedvű Mihály u. 7.
(administration related to household waste management, contract signing, waste collection container rewriting, replacement, complaint handling)
Phone: +36 (52) 563-944
Toll-free from area 52: +36 (80) 200-966
Fax: +36 (52) 563-922


Selective island waste collection:

Collection points:

  • Debrecen, Sámsoni út 141/a
  • Debrecen, Sennyei Oláh u. 13.
  • Debrecen, Bocskai tér
  • Debrecen, TESCO Kishegyesi út 1.
  • Debrecen, Mikepércsi út 55/a

Collection of used cooking oil:

Collection points: