The term utility includes a set of services consumed by the public: coal, electricity, natural gas, water, sewage, telephone and transportation. Broadband internet services (both fixed-line and mobile) are increasingly being included within the definition.

A public utility company is an entity that operates an infrastructure that meets a basic need as part of a public service. Public utilities are subject to forms of public control and a regulation ranging from local community-based groups to state-wide government monopolies.

Debrecen Waterworks Inc. (Debreceni Vízmű Zrt.)

Debrecen Waterworks Inc. provides drinking water services to residents of the city and its surrounding areas by operating a public drinking water supply system established in the administrative territory of Debrecen. Sewage received from the city and the surrounding areas – on average 40-45,000 m3 / day – is received by the Sewage Treatment Plant located in the south-western part of the city where it goes through a three-stage treatment process. The contact details of the company are the following:

Debrecen Waterworks Inc.
12-14 Hatvan Street, Debrecen, H-4025



E.ON SE is one of the largest non-state-owned electricity and gas companies in the world. Its primary activity involves the sale of natural gas and electricity to end users: directly to industrial and household customers, and to local distribution companies. The contact details of the company’s primary branch in Debrecen are the following:

41 Kossuth Lajos Street, Debrecen, H-4024


National Utilities (MVM Next Energiakereskedelmi Zrt.)

The company provides electricity and natural gas supply throughout Hungary.

District Heating Supplier Inc. (Debreceni Hőszolgáltató Zrt.)

The company provides district-heating for 32,481 households and 1,375 corporate and other customers in the city. Customer service:

District Heating Supplier Inc. (Debreceni Hőszolgáltató Zrt.)
16 Darabos Street, Debrecen H-4026