Individual transport

If you do not want to use the services of public transport, you can explore Debrecen by car, taxi or even by bicycle.

In Debrecen, an extensive bicycle network awaits those who enjoy cycling. Some of the designated bike paths follow a shared route with pedestrians, making it particularly safe for families with small children to cycle together. There are several bicycle shops in the city that rent bikes and offer various services to bicycle lovers. To find out where to find these shops and which cycling routes are worth a try in Debrecen and its surrounding area, visit the official website of the city of Debrecen here.
Let’s not forget that in Hungary only those bicycles which are equipped with the following tools are allowed to take part in road transport:

  • Two independent brakes (front and rear brakes)
  • Front lamp: White or cadmium yellow light front lamp, which can be flashing
  • Taillight: Light that can be flashing
  • Bell
  • Spoke prism: Orange-coloured spoke prism, at least on the front wheel (at least two pieces), which may be supplemented or replaced by a reflex strip on the tire
  • Rear reflector, Red rear reflector If you want to go shopping or sightseeing while cycling, you can place your bike in designated bicycle storage areas at several points of the city.

If you want to spend your free time with active rest, you can plan longer or shorter bike trips to nearby villages.

The waze application can help avoid possible congestion and traffic jam in the city. Those who drive have the option to park in 5300 above-ground, 5 underground, 3 downtown business and 3 private car parks around Debrecen. Parking fee differs according to parking zones and types of car. You can pay for above-ground parking at payment machines or using your mobile phone. More information on parking opportunities in Debrecen can be found here.

In case you want to rent a car, you can choose from the services of several local companies. They will be able to serve your needs, whatever your extra wishes may be. If you want to find out more on car rental options in Debrecen, visit our website’s ‘Services in Debrecen’ section. If you do not want to drive yourself, feel free to call a taxi. Taxi companies in Debrecen provide a reliable, accurate and affordable service. Details of the taxi companies can be found at the Local service menu. See also Local services menu (Transport).

Regarding driving, the principle of ‘zero tolerance’ is in place in Hungary which means that even a minimal amount of alcohol is prohibited to be consumed while driving. Those caught driving under the influence (DUI) beside a fine running to several hundred thousand Forints, can have their driver’s license suspended for a couple of years, may be obliged to take a drunk driving rehabilitation course, and in an extreme case may even receive a suspended or an executable prison term.

As a cyclist, only drink alcohol that does not affect safe driving. In case of using electric bicycles, the principle of ‘zero tolerance’ also applies.