Debrecen has an efficient, diverse and low-cost network of public transport, including bus, tram and trolley bus lines. By using any kinds of transportation, you can reach your destination fast and convenient in the city. There are 2 tram lines, 5 trolleybus lines and 51 bus lines. Public transport in Debrecen is provided by DKV Zrt. (Public Transport Company of Debrecen), while nearby towns and villages are linked to the city by Hajdú Volán bus services. For more information visit the website of DKV Zrt. here

There are currently two tram lines in Debrecen. Line 1 connects the Great Railway Station with the Great Forest area; on this line you can also reach the University of Debrecen and the Clinical Centre within, as well as the Aquaticum Debrecen (spa). Traveling on Line 2, you can get from the railway station via the city centre to the residential areas in the north-western part of the city, Doberdó Street being the final stop.

Trolleybuses run on five routes in the city between Segner Square and the Public Cemetery.

There are fifty-one bus lines in Debrecen. For the convenience of passengers, most buses are equipped with low floors and air conditioning. Scheduled airport bus services (Airport 1 and Airport 2) provide a quick and convenient way to reach Debrecen Airport from the Great Railway Station.

If you would like to travel by public transport, please always keep in mind that you need to have a valid ticket or season ticket with you. Tickets are available all around the city at permanent and seasonal points of sale or ticket vending machines, you can find the list here. You can also buy your ticket online here. You can use the same type of ticket for all forms of public transport, but you need to validate a new ticket for each journey. Additionally, single tickets are available from the driver with an extra charge of fee. Tickets and season tickets are valid for regular bus, trolleybus and tram services operated by DKV Zrt. To view the current fares and for more detailed information, please visit the transport company’s website here