The awards were handed out on Thursday afternoon to students and their teachers who had achieved excellent results in the National High School Studies Competitions (OKTV). Mayor László Papp stressed that competitive education is an important condition for Debrecen to become the flagship of the country.

The special painting depicting the Inczédi twins is entitled Recognition. Among others, they were among the recipients of the Debrecen School District Centre’s Award for Excellence on Thursday afternoon for their outstanding artistic achievements this year.

“This is confirmation that the energy and work we have invested so far is paying off and that we are moving in the right direction,” Dorottya Inczédi said.

It was highlighted at the event that this year three schools made the national Top 100 list, Fazekas Mihály, Tóth Árpád and Ady Endre Grammar School. Julia Demeter was applauded on Thursday for her success in the drama category of  OKTV (National Secondary School Study Competition).

“It also felt good here that I thought I would be the odd one out here, since the drama category of  OKTV is a little different from all the others. It’s a more subjective thing, but there was a lot of art here, I heard, including a pattern competition, dance competitions, singing competitions,”Julia Demeter  said.

According to drama teacher Edit Bagossi, the process before the competition, the joint struggle, is the most beautiful part of the preparation, and success gives new energy to continue.

“Competition preparation means that after classes, in free time, that’s how I say, we sit down with the children and when there is talent in one’s hands and one constantly works with it and there is also a human relationship, not just a professional relationship, one can even  feel being in a state of grace,” Edit Bagossi highlighted.

School District Director László Türk said that he stood as a proud supporter of the city’s best students, and at the same time highlighted the professional professionalism of the teachers.

“Their faith and perseverance, your work, is an equation that includes success after the equal sign. I think being a teacher today is a joy,” László Türk pointed out.

At the award ceremony, Mayor László Papp emphasised that in recent years the economic foundations of the city had been laid. He added that a coordinated, competitive education system was  another condition for Debrecen to become the flagship of the country.

“The fact that Debrecen’s educational institutions have so many outstanding achievements is proof that education in Debrecen is truly in its place, a truly strategic sector. And excellent professionals are looking after and ensuring that the talents are able to follow the right career paths,” we heard the Mayor say.

MP László Pósán stressed that Debrecen offers the best opportunities for students and teachers to achieve such success.

“As many of these talents as possible, who are here now and will be in the future, should come to the University of Debrecen. Let them also contribute to our even more prominent position in international rankings, because this will put our city even more on the map of the world,” László Pósán said.

The aim of the Excellence Award is to reward secondary school and vocational high school students who have placed in the top ten in the National High School Studies Competition and in the top ten in the arts.

The list of award winners can be found in the Hungarian article.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U