Thanks to a complex infrastructure development, the eastern part of Debrecen will undergo a major regeneration in the coming period.

The investment will include the rehabilitation of important road sections, in addition to the water network in the district.  The public procurement for the design has recently been successfully completed. 

On the 21st of June 2024, Mayor László Papp, Members of Parliament László Tasó and László Pósán, Managing Director of Cívis Komplex Mérnök Kft. László Iski, CEO of FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt. Tibor Keszthelyi,  and Dr. András Fekete András, member of the Board of Directors of FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt., signed the grant contract.

The Municipality of Debrecen has won a grant under a contract with the Ministry of Construction and Transport for the infrastructural development of the eastern part of the city, including a complex design of wastewater and drinking water networks, as well as road improvements (including stormwater drainage and street lighting).

In order to implement the project, the Municipality of Debrecen, as the contracting authority, carried out a public procurement procedure for the “Infrastructural development of the eastern part of Debrecen – design”.

In the procurement procedure, 5 tenders were submitted by the deadline.

Cívis Komplex Mérnök Kft – UTIBER Közúti Beruházó Kft – FŐMTERV Mérnöki Tervező Zrt. was declared the successful tenderer in the procedure with the best price-value offer. The design fee of the winning design consortium is gross HUF 2.919.730.000.

Mayor László Papp said at the signing of the grant contract that this project marks the launch of the largest urban infrastructure development programme in Debrecen in recent decades. The planning programme will make it possible to fully serve the zones that can be built on in the future and to fully serve the eastern part of the city.

MP László Tasó stressed that Debrecen is truly cooperating with its agglomerations. He added that besides the eastern part of the city and Bánk, Hajdúsámson will also be a winner of this investment package, as this investment will also create opportunities for further progress in the field of drinking water and waste water supply. 

MP László Pósán underlined that if these developments can be realised, they will not only significantly improve the quality of everyday life, but will also increase the attractiveness of the town and obviously expand its economic potential and opportunities. This is the guarantee that the city can develop in a predictable and stable way in the long term.

László Iski, managing director of Cívis Komplex Mérnök Kft., said on behalf of the winning consortium: “The aim is to create roads in the eastern part of the city behind residential areas that do not disturb the residents but give them access to the streets, either during the morning rush hour or in the afternoon. Examples include the Meggyes neighbourhood, the Nagybánya residential area and the Monostorpályi Road.


Details of the Debrecen East infrastructure development:

The road improvements include the construction of an 11.5 km long eastern internal transport corridor with at least 2×1 traffic lanes on a new track, stormwater drainage and street lighting, six new national road junctions (including a road bridge crossing a national highway and a national public railway line) and a new railway crossing.

Details of this include:

  • Designing a transport corridor between Highway 4 and Highway 47, which mainly connect residential areas between the highways, the new roads to be planned are not intended to create a continuous fast relief road – as is the case with the Eastern Bypass, currently under preparation on behalf of the ÉKM – but to improve residential transport between neighbourhoods.
  • The road design also includes the design of a separate level junction at junction of the main road No 4, and the development of a separate level solution for the crossing of the 105 railway line between Highway 48 and Diószegi Road.
  • The design of the junction of the main road No 47 is not included in the design task, as the design of this junction is being commissioned by the ÉKM.
  • The road design project also includes the design of the road reconstruction on Létai Road and Lahner Street with the design of stormwater drainage for the streets, and the design of the cycle path on Létai Road.

Water utility development

The designer will be responsible for the development of the IX (eastern) wastewater mains network and the associated residential backbone and the design of the wastewater upgrading of Bánk urban area. This design sub-task will include the design of more than 30 km of wastewater mains, 27 interceptors, a wastewater backbone network serving 1,200 acres of the municipality and 6.2 km of wastewater network in Bánk.

It also includes the development of more than 18 km of the eastern drinking water main backbone network, the construction of the associated residential backbone pipelines supplying drinking water to an area of nearly 1,900 acres and the design of a 6.2 km drinking water network in Bánk.

Different deadlines have been set for the preparation of the plans per design element, with delivery of the latest set of plans estimated at 420 days after contract signature, not including the time required for the permit procedures.

The designs are covered by grant contracts with the ÉKM and the estimated funding is available in the Municipality’s account.


Author: Debrecen4U