The Kölcsey Ferenc Scholarship, Béla Békessy Sports Scholarship and Cívis Talentum Scholarship were awarded on the 20th of  June 2024 in connection with the meeting of Debrecen General Assembly. The awards were presented to the winners by Mayor László Papp.

The Kölcsey  Ferenc  Scholarship, established in 2006 by the General Assembly of the Municipality of Debrecen, may be awarded to a natural or legal person working in the field of culture, with the aim of encouraging the creation of valuable works about Debrecen that strengthen the identity and attachment of local citizens to the city.

In 2024, the award was given to illustrator and painter Alexandra Grela, and visual artist Ábel Kónya, for the realisation of the application””Fiction illustrations and graphic folder for Magda Szabó’s novel, Abigél “.

The Béla Békessy Sports Scholarship, established in 2016 by the Municipality of Debrecen, aims to promote successful participation in international sports competitions. It can be awarded to support an athlete competing in a sports organisation in Debrecen, in an individual or team sport, amateur or professional, adult or the oldest junior age group, who has achieved outstanding results at the Olympics, Paralympics, World Games, World Championships, World Cup or European Championships.

This year, the Municipality of Debrecen Megyei Jogú Város awarded the Békessy Béla Sports Scholarship to athlete Attila Csaba Arany, karate player Panni Balázs, fencer  Sugár Katinka Battai (she is currently in training camp and could not attend the ceremony), boxer Attila Bernáth, triathlete Gergő Dobi,  wheelchair fencer Dániel Göttlinger, Luca Kozák athlete, wheelchair fencer Richárd Sándor Osváth and athlete Réka Szilágyi.

Established in 2016, the aim of the Cívis Talentum scholarship is to contribute to successful participation in international competitions. The scholarship can be awarded to talented secondary school students studying in Debrecen who, in addition to their school studies, have participated in international academic competitions in the fields of humanities, real sciences, foreign languages, arts, IT or vocational training, and who have also shown exemplary, outstanding performance for their fellow students.

The municipality of the city awarded the Cívis Talentum scholarship to Bendegúz Eigner (DSZC Mechwart András Mechanical and Informatics Engineering and Technology College), Amadea Horváth (Huszár Gál Grammar School, Elementary School and Kindergarten), Dóra Lesku (Tóth Árpád Grammar School), Levente Marcell Ráthonyi (Fazekas Mihály Grammar School) and Bendegúz Péter Vámosi (Fazekas Mihály High School).


Author: Debrecen4U