This year again, Debrecen schoolgirls had the chance to discover the beauty of a technical career. The Watch career guidance programme was organised again at the Agóra Science Experience Centre with the support of NI Hungary Ltd. After the basic training, the secondary school girls worked on creating exciting projects, which they presented to the public at today’s closing programme.

Science and technology can be both engaging and experiential. At Agóra, at least 60 secondary school girls not only flirted with the idea, but also took part in a career guidance programme to promote natural sciences. From robotic hands to led cubes, many interactive smart devices got out of the hands of tenth grade girls.

Titanilla Deli and her peers demonstrated the deflecting force resulting from the rotation of the earth in a playful form, however, nothing can “divert” her from the engineering career. “I can really see what can be done with this in practice, and also how interesting it is and how interested I am. I can say that now that I’ve looked into it,  I’m much more confident about the direction I want to go in,” Titanilla Deli said.Titanilla Deli said.

Watch, the Women at Tech programme for high school girls, provides an opportunity for more and more women to enter the field of engineering or science and technology sectors, even in Debrecen. This topic was mentioned by Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa and he confirmed that there would definitely be jobs and a future for them here. “We have steered Debrecen in such a direction in recent years, such jobs have been created in the city, 20 thousand, of which only a small part has been filled and focus primarily on engineering and STEM training,” Lajos Barcsa  emphasised.

This is already the third career guidance program for women in Debrecen with the support of NI.

As Managing Director Róbert Hosszu said in this society, women cannot feel that doors remain closed to them. They also want to inspire and provide opportunities with this program. “Teams that are diverse, so girls and boys are in it together, and have a balanced participation in the team, especially in engineering teams, these teams are always capable of much better performance, so diversity is one of the most important goals for us,” Róbert Hosszu highlighted.

Head of Agora Science Adventure Centre Béla Somogyi pointed out that in addition to the noble task, they helped to make these creative ideas known to others. “The goal was to develop this programme into an interactive tool last year, and if you go out and look at the interactive tools at Agora, you will see that there are already a number of tools from last year’s Watch programme,” Béla Somogyi said.

According to the plans, interested visitors will be able to see the smart structures created in the Watch career guidance program at the Campus Festival and later at the Researchers’ Night.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U