The construction of Schedl Hungária Kft.’s car wheel assembly plant in Debrecen is progressing according to plans. The structure of the building has reached its highest point and was celebrated today by BMW’s German background supplier in the Northwest Economic Belt.

To symbolise the fusion of tradition and progress, instead of a topping out ceremony, the German-backed Schedl celebrated in Bavarian style by beer barrel tapping that its Debrecen plant had reached its highest point.

“The Schedl factory in Debrecen will be a modern car wheel assembly plant, offering modern, highly qualified, stable jobs in line with our long-term investment strategy,” CEO of Schedl Group Vinzenz Grassl said.

“Job creation is at the heart of the Debrecen 2030 programme. Accordingly, more than 19,000 new jobs have already been created, of which 12,000 are still unfilled,” Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa emphasised at the construction ceremony. “Debrecen is traditionally a school town, there are currently more than 72,000 students studying in Debrecen, and we wanted to ensure that these talents do not migrate to Budapest or Western Europe or elsewhere, but work for the development of our city, “ we heard Lajos Barcsa.

Trial production is expected to begin this year in the plant hall of Schedl Hungária Kft. The supplier of the neighbouring BMW factory is scheduled to start production in 2025.


Author: Debrecen4U