Municipal representative Attila Csaholczi and elected local municipal representative János Sánta reported on the investment at a press conference on the 26th of June, 2024.

As Attila Csaholczi said “the city’s large-scale road renovation program, the primary goal of which is to replace old, damaged asphalt pavements, has also reached the Derék Street service road based on the needs of the people living in the area. As part of the large-scale reconstruction of the service road between 124 and 142 Derék Street, 274 metres of asphalt were resurfaced at a cost of HUF 44 million.  This work can be considered a continuation of similar renovations previously carried out on István Street and Vincellér Street.  Attila Csaholczi also highlighted that the parking spaces next to the service road between 124 and 142 Derék Street, have been accurately painted, and as a result, 5-10 percent more parking spaces are available than before”.

Elected local municipal representative János Sánta thanked Attila Csaholczi and the municipality for making this investment possible. He also thanked the contractor for his efforts in completing the work, which meant less inconvenience and parking difficulties for the residents of the area, and the residents for their patience and cooperation during the construction.

According to János Sánta, this part of the city is developing very nicely, and the municipality intends to continue this development work in the next five years, even by renovating additional sections of the service road, sidewalks and stairs.


Author: Debrecen4U