As reported in January, the procedure for the authorisation of the opening of the day nursery at 4 Zelemér Street has started. The municipality built the nursery on a plot of land behind the Györffy István Dormitory, covering almost 5,000 square metres, with EU funding of HUF 1.2 billion. 

The new Postakert nursery is close to Vargakert, Boldogfalvikert, Tégláskert and Epreskert.

The 96-place Postakert nursery is 1,240 square metres in size, with four care units, two service units and eight group rooms.

The pavement to the nursery has been completed and 20 parking spaces have been created, two of which are easily accessible for disabled people.

The future of the nursery will now be put to the Debrecen assembly. Ágnes Malinkó, the Head of the Institution Supervision Department of the Mayor’s office, states in her proposal that the official name of the day nursery would be the Zelemér Street Member institution (Zelemér Utcai Tagintézmény), and with the development, the DMJV Unified Day Nursery Institution will be able to accommodate 1,356 children instead of 1,260.

The Head of Department also says that the procurement of furniture and toys is a long process, so the new nursery is expected to open on the 1st of  September. According to the public procurement documents, the multi-part tender for the purchase of equipment was only partially successful and will have to be re-tendered for the remaining parts.

The Head of Department also shared that 29 positions should be created from the 1 st of August to run the nursery and this will also be decided by next week’s assembly meeting.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U