“Don’t give thieves a chance,” the Hajdú-Bihar county police warned on their Facebook site.

As they wrote “more and more people are going on holiday or on excursions, leaving more and more homes unattended. Some people go away for weeks at a time, others leave their property empty for only a short time”. “But thieves are not choosy, ” they pointed out.

With a few useful tips, you can avoid being greeted by a house broken into or an empty yard  upon arrival from  your holidays.

  • On holiday, the first thing to do shouldn’t be to post where you are on social media. If you’re going to share unforgettable moments of all kinds, do it only after you get home.
  • Ask people you know to empty your post box and check your property periodically. Keep up the pretence that you are at home.
  • Close all windows and put away valuables in plain sight.
  • It is a good idea to install motion detection lights and cameras around the property, as these devices also have a deterrent effect.

The policemen of Hajdú-Bihar also drew attention to the dangers of bathing during the holiday. In summer, many people start their holidays near water sites, but here are a few tips to make sure your beach holiday is carefree:

  • It is important not to leave your valuables unattended, covering them with a towel will not protect them.
  • Weak swimmers should prefer shallow water, while good swimmers need to be careful, as overconfidence can cause accidents.
  • Pay special attention to children.
  • Swimming under the influence of alcohol or while intoxicated is life-threatening.
  • Jumping into unknown water is risky because objects not visible below the surface can cause injury or death.
  • Bathing in a prohibited place is a violation of the rules, which can also result in a fine.


Author: Debrecen4U