The Vojtina Puppet Theatre closed its thirtieth season.

The most important events of the past period were recalled at the closing meeting of the company. Besides successful performances, the Puppet Theatre also organised exhibitions and professional meetings.

Artistic director of the Puppet Theatre Terka Láposi said the 2023/24 season had been intense, busy and dynamic. Director Anikó Asbóth spoke about how the biggest challenge was the parallel operation of the two theatres.

Among other things, Deputy Mayor István Puskás highlighted Vojtina’s appearances abroad and its presence at Deszka Festival.

Since September, a record number of more than 44,000 children have visited the playgrounds on Kálvin Square and Kossuth Street, and the company has sold almost 7,200 passes. As a result, actors took to the stage two or three times a day, entertaining audiences for more than five hundred performances.


Author: Debrecen4U