The best works will also be on display in Debrecen. 

This year,  young people captured moments related to sporting experiences in the competition of  Create Freely Art Foundation. Chairman of the board of trustees Norbert Horváth hopes to reach more and more children across the country. Debrecen is helping them to do this, an exhibition of the winning works will open in August at Kölcsey Centre.

In this regard, Managing Director of Főnix Event Organiser Public Non-profit Ltd. Réka Mészáros said that it was important to show new and new art forms during the week of the Flower Carnival. Before that, the foundation will be involved in the Campus Festival.

They plan to paint a huge picture together with the performers and guests, and then auction it off. The proceeds will be used to support the development of the Debrecen Children’s Clinic.

Deputy Mayor István Puskás emphasised the importance of cooperation.

“Companies, the public sector and private individuals working together to nurture talent and even help the needy are all values that are important to us in Debrecen,” he said.


Author: Debrecen4U