Agora Science Center

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Have you ever made music with lightning? Have you ever ridden a bicycle two meters in the air? Have you built mountains with your own hands or shot with a magnetic cannon? It’s about time! Agora Science Centre is a modern playground where anyone can discover how fascinating and entertaining natural science is. Children and adults can try special interactive games, they can be part of spectacular experiments, and exciting educational programs as well as watch full-dome movies or listen to an Astronomy lecture in the mobile digital planetarium. They can also explore the Botanical Garden with the help of a fun quiz. Let’s go, and have a great adventure!

4032 Debrecen, Egyetem square 1.

+36 52 518 620

Logiscool Debrecen

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Logiscool is an international network of schools teaching experiential programming and digital literacy. The unique educational platform greatly helps children to move easily from visual coding to text programming languages. Founded in 2014, Logiscool has more than 170 locations in 35 countries, and 170,000 students. Logiscool is also present in Debrecen.

4026 Debrecen Mester street 39.

+36 70 885 7444


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The Abigél Multipurpose Institution was established in 2000 as a public education institution under joint management with the aim of providing opportunities and a high-quality offer for primary school pupils interested in vocational training in the arts and who are about to choose a career. Today, we offer further education in the form of primary, secondary, vocational, upper secondary and adult education. At the upper secondary and upper secondary vocational school level, students can choose from a range of specialisations within the four-year programme. In addition, there is a choice of basic art courses for students from primary school onwards. A wide range of courses is offered to full-time students. Teaching and learning take place in a family atmosphere, creating a harmonious atmosphere for school life. The intellectual and emotional development of pupils is also emphasised, so that they spend their secondary school years in a supportive and accepting, but also guided, education.

4029 Debrecen, Víztorony street 9-11.

+36 52 411 267

Forba Educational and Adult Training Centre

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Forba Education and Adult Training Centre was established in 2009 with the aim of offering courses and training at an increasingly high level and at affordable prices. The office is located at 12 Batthyány utca in Debrecen. The Centre’s trainers are qualified and recognised professionals with many years of experience in adult education. On request, they can also organise outsourced courses and training courses if there is sufficient staff. They can organise and conduct any type of course, training or further training for companies, enterprises or individuals. Our courses include qualification courses, training courses, computer and language courses, training courses. The main objective of the organisation is to provide high quality adult education. In particular, it aims to provide remedial training to help participants to find their place in the labour market, thereby promoting general employment and job retention.

4024 Debrecen, Batthyiány street 12.

+36 52 425 794

SIRIUS Adult Training

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Since its creation, the institution has been constantly expanding, both in terms of the number of students and the sectors and qualifications taught, but it also has other arguments that may be decisive in the choice of the school, such as its friendly atmosphere, its young, enthusiastic, dedicated and versatile teaching staff, and its modern technical equipment, high quality, small-group language teaching allows for a communicative focus in the lessons, the possibility of obtaining a vocational qualification after graduation free of charge to help students find a job, the possibility of preparing students for higher education through vocational foundation courses, and the possibility of preparing graduates for the school-leaving examination free of charge.

4025 Debrecen, Arany János street 12.

+36 52 537 308

Vocational Training Centre of Debrecen

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In addition to secondary education, the DSZC is also involved in adult vocational education/training and adult education and provides dormitory accommodation for its students. From the 2020/2021 school year, students in the eighth grade are welcome to attend the school’s technical, vocational and vocational school classes. In this economic environment, the status and quality of vocational education and training is crucial. Every year, the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre trains an increasing number of professionals with constantly upgrading skills. The Centre’s 11 institutions offer a renewed classroom and school environment, a Digital Community Workshop, and highly qualified trainers. They are offered a career path that offers professional development, competitive skills and financial security, including a scholarship for all students and a one-off career start grant after passing a professional exam. Students can learn the basics of trade in the production environment of our corporate partners while receiving a wage under a vocational training contract.

4030 Debrecen, Fokos street 12.

+36 30 955 7802

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