The breaking and extreme sports department will start recruiting competitors in the coming weeks, and they also want to promote recreational sports among local youth.

The city’s special extreme sports park was inaugurated in March. Here, everyone from beginners to racers can find a track to suit their level. This will be the base for DSI Debrecen’s new extreme sports department.

According to the head of the department, they could have approximately 40 certified competitors by next spring.

“We will mainly focus on BMX, trial bikes and skateboards, but we will also open up to other sports such as roller skating, scooters and unicycles,” Tamás Vígh said. 

In addition to extreme sports, they will also start a “breaking” (break dancing) class. Its founders have been training in the city for more than 20 years. Their aim is to find and train talented local youngsters.

“We are very confident that in the short foreseeable future, we will be able to build a very active base, with which we can start to attend regular events, tournaments, and home competitions, as our possibilities allow,” Csaba Lakatos, head of the department, pointed out.

For the last Olympics, DSI Debrecen provided the most Hungarian competitors among the provincial associations. The club has expanded with new divisions that also have Olympic potential.

Skateboarding and BMX have become Olympic sports, both in breaking and extreme disciplines, and this puts the given sports into a completely different structure, both in Hungary and nationally, in terms of financing, advertising value and the issue of training for young athletes,” András Becsky, Managing Director of the Debrecen Sports Centre, said.

In addition to elite sports, however, the city is also committed to supporting recreational sports, and the city is trying to motivate young people to exercise in line with the needs of their age, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Diána Széles stressed.

The young people of today’s generation resonate with these things; they see them in the content providers, so for them, these are a kind of call to action that if you have the opportunity and are interested, you can come to the extreme sports park, where you can play sports safely in a safe and orderly environment,” the deputy mayor said.

The departments welcome applications from experienced athletes and beginners alike.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U