Mayors’ message

Mayors’ message

Dear International Friends,

Welcome to our city, Debrecen, which has been a dominant settlement not only in Hungary but also in the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin for almost half a millennium. The intellectual, cultural and economic significance of Debrecen has always been the achievement of a long line of our ancestors, who always looked beyond the fatherland and built connections with distant regions. We also follow in their footsteps.

We are proud of the fact that the educational and research opportunities offered by our university, and the high-quality professional knowledge of the young people graduating here have made Debrecen attractive to people from all over the world. On the one hand, they want to equip themselves with modern, practical knowledge, and on the other hand, they intend to make investments here using the most state-of-the-art technologies based on the latest scientific results.

As a matter of course, neither studies nor work can be conducted without the background necessary for everyday life.  This includes a comfortable living space, public and individual transport possibilities, shopping, entertainment, sports, recreation, tourism, cultural events, education, health, financial and municipal services. Over the recent years, the Municipality of Debrecen and the companies operating in the city have created an offer in all these areas which fully satisfies the needs of not only the residents of the city, but also of the foreign students and employees working here long-term.

The purpose of this website is to help you orient yourself in the diversity of this offer. We truly hope that you, our dear foreign friend, will be able to create the conditions for your everyday life here as easily and quickly as possible so that you can concentrate on studying or working. At the same time, these basics of everyday life should be so self-evident and pleasant for you, for as long as you live here, we would like you to feel like a native of Debrecen; and when you leave this city, we hope that you will cherish nice memories of the time you spent here, so you will be able to say: I will always remain a local of Debrecen a bit!

Mayor of Debrecen
László Papp