A total of 6,500 rainwater collection containers have been distributed across the city in recent weeks as part of the “Water is our common treasure” programme.

 Demand for the 300 litre containers was so high that there is already a waiting list for the next programme. As part of the Green Codex iniative, they want to involve the citizens of Debrecen in as many activities as possible where they can participate and get involved in environmentally conscious thinking.

In line with the action plan contained in the Green Codex, the “Water is our common treasure” program continued this year as well. On Saturday, the 8th of June, 2024, among other things, rainwater collectors were distributed in the courtyard of Sándor Karácsony Primary School with the assistance of municipal representative István Kovács.

“We have a small garden and a lot of flowers, and we collect rainwater and water with it. I think it’s a very good initiative, I think this century will be about water, so it’s a positive thing,”  László Kiss said.

Last year, the municipality distributed rainwater collection containers for the first time, 500 of them. This year, registration for the containers opened in April, and the demand was so great that the quota was reached in just a few days. So instead of 5,000, 6,500 were distributed to the people of Debrecen.

“In addition to urban development, it is very important that the people of Debrecen also see that there is room for manoeuvre in managing water properly,” Mayor László Papp emphasised.

“Climate change makes it crucial to manage the city’s water resources responsibly. In recent years, a number of investments have been made that have significantly helped and supported the city’s water management; last year we completed the first phase of the Civaqua programme, so the water of the Tisza is now here in Debrecen,” the mayor pointed out.

In the last two weeks, the rainwater collectors were handed over to the people of Debrecen at 25 points in the city. The local government spent HUF 117 million on the programme this year. The 6,500 containers distributed are capable of storing enough water to meet the daily water needs of 15,000 people.


Author: Debrecen4U