Thanks to seasonal works and eco-tourism developments around Lake Vekeri, among other things, the street furniture was renewed, birdhouses were installed and the area was enriched with play castles. The municipality contributed HUF 60 million to all of this.

Kite flying, ball games, picnics, many people spent the day on the shores of Lake Vekeri even on Labor Day. Many innovations have been made in the area, new playground elements and benches have been installed, and old equipment has also been renovated. “We come here once a year, actually with friends, to cook with family, on the 1st of May. We noticed, yes, the innovations,” one of the visitors Krisztián Nagy said. 

Birch and alder trees have been planted on the island, contributing to the preservation of a diverse habitat. The development has also included a special innovation, a dog-splash area for those who want to relax with their pets. ”I have asked that if the opportunity arises and this fits in the development of Lake Vekeri, it should be done. So this is very good news and I can see that the first day has been very successful, with many people interested in this beautiful environment,” municipal representative Edina Szilágyi pointed out.

The short-term and long-term complex ecotourism development of Lake Vekeri and its surroundings has also begun. The promenade around the lake has also been renewed, more than 700 metres of a section of road with spread paving has been created. According to Mayor László Papp, it is important to ensure the continuous water supply of Lake Vekeri, FancsikaiLakes and Erdőspuszták. “In the following years, in the second phase of Civaqua, we plan to ensure a continuous water supply of this lake system from River Tisza. The planning processes for this are now underway, in order to ensure that Lake Vekeri continues to be a popular entertainment and recreation place for the people of Debrecen, ” he said.

The development of Lake Vekeri was realised with the cooperation of the municipality and Nyírerdő Zrt., the total cost exceeded HUF 60 million.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U