In celebration of the Day of Nurseries and to raise awareness of the importance of music education, the Unified Day Nursery Institution of the City of Debrecen organised a flash mob on Dósa nádor Square on the 22nd of  April 2024. In 2010, the 21st of April was declared Day of  Nurseries to commemorate the opening of the country’s first day nursery in Pest on this day in 1852.

In addition to celebrating the Day of Nurseries with the flashmob, the institution also wants to raise awareness of the importance of music education, which is disappearing from the lives of families and educational institutions. In this spirit, the participants, more than 300 in all, gathered in different parts of the square and sang together children’s and folk songs, songs related to the city of Debrecen, with the help of the Harmónia nursery choir.

In the nurseries in Debrecen, great care is taken to ensure that the children hear songs and nursery rhymes from their nursery teachers every day, and to ensure that the new generation of professionals continues to pass on the knowledge that the current generation has about cuddly games and children’s songs. Their aim is to give younger colleagues a sense of what it is like to sing in a large community, and the impact it has on emotions, as they have had fewer such experiences than previous generations.

At the end of the joint singing, Head of the  Unified Day Nursery Institution of the City of Debrecen Katalin Papné Gyöngyösi said that all the 13 Debrecen municipality-maintained kindergarten workers,preschool teachers, nannies, and kitchen aunts are here. She thanked everyone for coming, for singing, and wished each institution a good celebration and successful programs on this otherwise non-educational day. On the occasion of  the Day of Nurseries, the United Nursery School Institute also organised a central ceremony on the 19th of April  with the presentation of professional awards.

The Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Diána Széles also thanked the participants for being here and celebrating together despite the gloomy, chilly weather and dripping rain. She said that the staff of the day nurseries had shown this kind of solidarity in the face of all the difficulties and deserving of all the thanks they received during the epidemic of the coronavirus, because the parents of Debrecen could count on them and they were there for the families of Debrecen. This stand will never be forgotten by the city. For Debrecen, as a caring city, it is very important that families feel that they can live happily here. And this would not be possible without the institutions serving young children and their staff, without their excellent work and their close-knit communities. Diána Széles, as a parent, has found that for the staff at the day nurseries, the children’s best interests are of paramount importance. Day nurseries only really come alive through their staff, their care, their attention to children and their parents, their songs. According to the Deputy Mayor, since in today’s digitised world, providing parents with good advice is at least as important as providing good advice to children, they need to be taught the importance of singing. Singing can “enchant” children, and they need this just as much as love. And the presence of love can be clearly felt in every nursery in Debrecen thanks to the nursery workers.


Author: Debrecen4U