In 2023, a free residential LED replacement program took place in Debrecen thanks to the cooperation of the city government and CYEB Energy Solutions Ltd. On the 16th of January, Mayor of Debrecen László Papp and István Meixner, the company’s director of key customer relations, reported on the continuation of the program.

László Papp said that they decided to continue the LED exchange program launched with great success in 2023. In 2023, in Debrecen, it was possible to register for the exchange program during January and February, and then on the 1st of  April, the handing over of energy-saving light bulbs to successful applicants began. More than 6,000 households registered for the free LED exchange program, which meant that a total of 77,000 LED bulbs were handed over to the public. With this, families can save more than HUF 250 million until the end of the life of the light bulbs. Analysing the environmental effects, the mayor said that 1,140 tons of carbon dioxide had been saved with this action.

László Papp announced that, due to the great interest, the LED exchange program would again be available to the residents of Debrecen thanks to the municipality of Debrecen and CYEB. Now, however, only those who did not apply for this opportunity in 2023 can register.

Regarding this year’s campaign, László Papp highlighted that registration would start on the 16th of January. Now they are counting on the participation of those families who missed out on the LED replacement campaign last year. The number of bulbs depends on the number of registrants.

Registration for the program is available until the 15th of February.

If someone does not have Internet service, an e-mail address, or has problems with the  registration, they can contact the customer service of DV Parking Ltd. (Malompark II. Füredi road 27. 1st floor). At the customer service during opening hours (from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and on Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.) they provide assistance with the registration.

‘The municipality of Debrecen not only promotes the use of energy-saving light sources among the population, but also modernises public lighting in the city based on these principles. In Debrecen, about 25,000 lamps operate as part of the public lighting system. Of these, a total of 2,988 light fixtures have been replaced with energy-saving LED light sources as part of the work that began in 2023. The planning and implementation of the further stages of public lighting modernisation will continue soon. In 2024, the city plans to replace another 2,500-2,600 light fixtures,’ László Papp added.

István Meixner, Director of Key Customer Relations at CYEB Energy Solutions Ltd., primarily praised the organisation of last year’s campaign. This required an efficient solution to logistical tasks and the commitment of the population.

The director underlined that this program had been one of the most successful energy saving projects of recent years, as 700-800 settlements had already taken advantage of the LED replacement program.

Elaborating on the registration process, István Meixner said that it was significantly simpler this year, since after filling in the data, only the electricity bill needed to be uploaded to the interface, but all its pages were required.

Registrants can request bulbs for two types of sockets. LEDs corresponding to the old 100, 75, 60 and 40W power for the E 27 type (thick) socket, and LEDs corresponding to the old 60 and 40W power for the thinner E 14 socket. To achieve the same level of illumination, a LED requires up to 91 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb.

‘The company announced the “Green Champion” program, for which the basis is that those settlements that have registered in the program in a good proportion to the population will receive the “Green Champion” title, and the best performing settlement at the end of the program will be support a designated educational institution in the settlement with HUF 5 per distributed light bulb, ’ István Meixner said.

About the LED replacement program

In 2020, the Hungarian parliament adopted a law that imposes an obligation on companies dealing in energy trade, which can also manage a charity campaign which in proportion to the turnover, can also manage a charity campaign that shows a kind of social utility and is important for the population.

On the basis of this law, the municipality of Debrecen agreed with CYEB that in 2023 a LED exchange program would be launched in Debrecen as well, similar to the ones in many other settlements in the country, where this program was also very popular.

In addition to protecting the environment, the positive effect of the LED replacement program is that households can contribute to the reduction of the country’s electricity consumption and thus their own energy costs.

The use of LED light sources means a significant reduction in the electricity bill, and thanks to the life of the light sources of up to 10 years, their users produce much less waste than those who use  traditional bulbs.

An average Hungarian household has 20 light bulbs, the consumption of which accounts for nearly 1/3 of the total electricity costs.

How to join the program?

Anyone who has an electricity bill in their name can register in a few minutes by clicking on the “Application” menu item on the website at ledcsere.hu . After filling in some data and uploading all pages of the electricity bill, the system calculates how many free LED light sources the given household is entitled to based on the annual electricity consumption and the number and usage time of the light bulbs in the registrant’s home. It is important that the applicant selects Debrecen as the pick-up location on the last page of the registration.

Applications are reviewed by CYEB staff and may take a few working days. 

Applicants will receive an email regarding the date of collection in the following  weeks after the registration. The registration becomes final when the applicant confirms his/her intention to apply for the program by the link in the application confirmation email.

Source. debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U