Negotiations are underway with BMW suppliers on who is interested in using geothermal heat.

Debrecen Infrastructure Development (DIF) Ltd., owned by the Debrecen municipality, intends to participate in geothermal exploration drilling and later in the construction of a geothermal power plant in the North-Western Economic Zone, as revealed by Mayor László Papp in his proposal submitted to the general assembly.

As known, the BMW factory in Debrecen is being built in this economic zone, and the factory’s suppliers (Eve Power, ZF and others expected to arrive) will be located here.

In the presentation, the mayor describes that on the 5th of  January 2024, DIF Ltd. received an exploration permit for geothermal exploration drilling from the Supervisory  Authority for Regulated Activities, according to which a period of 20 months (+10 months justified extension) is available for the implementation of the operational wells. A study was already carried out in 2023, according to which, due to the geological conditions, the extraction of thermal energy is possible in the area, but the geophysical study with concrete and accurate data will be completed as the first milestone of the exploration process.

As it turns out, DIF Ltd. would like to implement and operate the wells (production and recovery wells, or even several pairs of wells depending on the energy demand, with a minimum depth of 1500 metres) with the involvement of a professional investor.

To this end, DIF Ltd. contacted several potential investors following the submission of the licence application.

In addition, the company is currently in discussions with the operators of the 100-hectare supplier industrial park, who are willing to use geothermal heat in production and operation, as they intend to use the heat energy locally, because it would probably not be economical to transport it.

The legislation requires the provision of a financial guarantee of HUF 340 million for the exploratory drilling, which DIF Ltd. intends to fulfil by signing a bank guarantee contract. The Mayor requests the consent of the general assembly for this. The board will decide on the matter next Thursday.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U