The exhibition is Zoltán Fátyol and István Tamus’s birthday exhibition.

The exhibition entitled Határidő (Border Age), which opened at Modem on the 16th of December 2023, was inspired by the fact that both Debrecen artists are 70 years old.

Zoltán Fátyol and István Tamus have witnessed significant historical, political, economic, cultural and technological changes over the past decades.  But their characteristically different visual worlds show traces of these changes with varying intensity.

Until recently, István Tamus’s reproduced prints have usually been concerned with the representation of reality, and his objects often point back to places, events and characters in his life. For decades, Zoltán Fátyol’s paintings, collages and assemblages have argued for the self-existence of art and its detachability from time and space, pointing towards an alternative model of reality.

This exhibition of the most important local artists does not seek to provide a complete overview of their oeuvre, but it does seek to provide an insight into the dominant themes, motifs and technical experiments that have defined the careers of these two artists who have different backgrounds, by juxtaposing major groups of images.

István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, said: “This is a day of celebration not only for the artists but also for Modem and the people of Debrecen.”

The exhibition will be on display at the Modem until the 11th of February 2024.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U