Another installation by Hello Wood, known nationwide for its astonishing works, has appeared in Debrecen. This summer, while in the city centre, firewall paintings are being created to express the city’s identity; in the Great Forest (Nagyerdő), the main focus is on playful, entertaining creativity. For days, the people and tourists of Debrecen have been wondering what is being created on Pope John Paul II Square.. 

According to social media, many guessed correctly, and a giant spinning top has landed in the heart of the Great Forest to become a meeting point and a meeting point for the city’s community. It will be set up in a square with access to the area’s main facilities and the nature reserve itself, now voted the most beautiful forest in the country. From here, you can go on a date, family walk, jog, or bike ride to the stadium, zoo, beach, Lake Békás, or even the playground Sziget-kék.

The creators intend to create a playful, easily identifiable, yet unusual installation during these weeks.

TheSpinning Wheel, which will be completed by the time of the Flower Carnival, will become an iconic landmark of the area and the city and, simultaneously, a symbol of Debrecen’s increasingly vibrant and metropolitan life. The work’s surprising choice of materials and design language is both high-tech and sophisticated craftsmanship, combining childhood memories and the creative, futuristic modernity of design, which will be further enhanced by the site-specific lighting that will be completed soon. Thanks to this, the object, which shines metallically during the day, will be reborn in the evening light, offering a completely different atmosphere and inviting Debrecen and its visitors to meet.

Part of a complex development aimed at repositioning the Great Forest and increasing its tourist appeal, the installation, which was 100% grant-funded, is 6 metres high and 5.1 metres wide, made of 6 mm thick steel, with a painted surface and weighing approximately 4 tonnes. The Spinning Wheel is visible from all directions in 360 degrees, but each view is unique when tilted.

Among their installations in Budapest, the Art Shield – Vörösmarty Pavilion, the Advent Candles at Várkert Bazaar, the Donation Tree on Deák Square and the Sledging Tree in front of MÜPA are also outstanding. Their buildings, cabinets and educational projects are internationally renowned and have received numerous awards, including the Iconic Award of the German Design Council in the category of Innovative Architecture, the Architizer A+ Awards and the Hungarian Design Award.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U