The Debrecen Institute for Primary Care and Health Promotion (Daefi) put into service a new dental treatment unit in the school dental clinic of the  Beregszászi Pál Technical Secondary School and Dormitory of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre on the 20th of  March 2024.

At the event, Chancellor of the Vocational Training Center in Debrecen Zsolt Tirpák spoke among others about the fact that we talk a lot in everyday life about how important professionals are. Now, the students who are preparing to become construction professionals have crossed the boundary of the workshop and completed the work required to create a dental office here. With the guidance of the trainers, the students were able to get their first professional experience and show off their skills. With the guidance of the instructors, the students got their first professional experiences and were able to show their professional knowledge. There were twelve bricklayer, tiler and painter students who created value, created something they can be proud of and can later refer to as “Yes, these were my first creations while learning the trade”. The Vocational Training Centre also provides training for adults who already have another profession. They also helped out on a few occasions, and that is how this medical practice was built. Zsolt Tirpák expressed his conviction that vocational training has a future, that there are opportunities, especially in Debrecen. The Chancellor thanked the students for their work. “”Now we can enjoy  the work of your hands together and remember that the future belongs to vocational education! Be role models and good guides for your fellow students, because learning a trade is a glory and a great achievement indeed,” he said.

Director of the Debrecen Institute of Primary Care and Health Promotion (Daefi) Csaba Papp emphasised that they always strive to create the conditions of the school dental service as close as possible to the students. What makes this particularly valuable in this school is that the students of the vocational training centre helped to set up the clinic and did a wonderful job. In the clinic, which is complemented by a dressing room, rest room, office and waiting room, a new dental treatment unit worth ten million was purchased with the support of the city municipality, the equipment was provided by Daefi. With this new clinic, a new school dental district has been created, providing dental care for a total of 4500 children.  Csaba Papp predicted that many more similar health facilities will be built in the future.

László Papp, the Mayor of Debrecen, mentioned that the municipality, together with the University of Debrecen, established the Debrecen Primary Care and Health Development Institute, which is present in many areas of the city’s life with its health programmes, prevention, screening programmes for school students to older age groups,  and the “Move Debrecen!” health initiative, which has become very popular in the last few years. 

The Debrecen Vocational Training Centre is also a very important player in the life of the city. This clinic is now a joint project of the City, the University and DSZC. The Mayor also thanked the students for doing a very nice job. László Papp also mentioned that Debrecen has a very high number of school dental treatments per year with 80,000 screenings carried out by professionals. Thanks to the excellent equipment now in service here, students can also benefit from high quality care.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U