Visitors can now also explore the landscapes of Erdőspuszta and Hármashegyalja by e-bike. 

Families can even combine cycling with the experience of Zsuzsi, Hungary’s oldest narrow-gauge railway. 

As part of the service development, a playground and e-bike rental facilities have been set up at the station of the Zsuzsi Forest Railway, while playground elements and rest areas have been created in a special forest environment at the Hármashegyalja terminus.

As part of the Hungarian Cycling Federation’s development project, signposts, rest areas, cycling sub-centres, and service stations have been renewed on 290 kilometres of routes across the country.  The development of the cycling service extends from the Tisza to the Debrecen area. Five cycling sub-centres and rest areas have been developed.

The Hungarian Cycling Federation has invested around HUF 200 million in the development.

Source: dehir.hu |Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U