The professionals are working hard in the Sas Street underground garage. The parking technology and IT system are now being built in the four-story, 207-space facility.

More than four thousand metres of cable are laid out to create the network. Electric charging stations are also installed and continuously tested. In the first round, there will be 10 such units where 20 vehicles can be charged at the same time.

In order to be the first in Debrecen to be able to pay with the most modern SimplePay system at all levels this garage  – this also applies to the parking system and chargers – we need to ensure a complete IT network and full WiFi coverage,’ said István Nyikos, the managing director of DV Parking Ltd.

The goal is to create a convenient and customer-friendly system. In addition to the traditional parking metres, the first in the city, a fast and modern system is also being introduced.

‘When customers arrive at the underground car park, by using   the ticket issuing button at the future entrance unit, they will get a parking ticket. This parking ticket contains all kinds of parking information, and what is very important, it will have a QR code that can be read at the end of parking, ‘ Zsolt Sárkány, parking operations engineer pointed out.

The construction of the parking technology and IT system costs almost 100 million HUF This includes the installation of a surveillance camera system. The development of the network is expected to be completed by the second half of January.

Source: Dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U