The mosquito control, ordered by the municipality, is scheduled to take place on 17th-18th of July 2023 in the evening hours. 

In the event of rainy and windy weather, the extermination will be postponed for a day, taking place on 19th-20th of July at the same time.

The aerial control will be carried out using Deltasect Plus 1,2 ULV mosquito repellent. The product, applied in small quantities (0.6 litres per hectare), kills only the more sensitive insects, is not harmful to warm-blooded animals or humans, and its active substance degrades in a few hours. At the time of treatment, it is recommended to collect or cover children’s toys, food, cutlery and clothes stored outdoors, as well as to keep windows and doors closed and to turn off artificial ventilation systems that admit outside air for the duration of the treatment and for one hour afterwards. It is recommended to wash vegetables and fruits grown in the treated area before consumption or processing.

The areas concerned are the following: Kismacs, Nagymacs, Ondód, the northern part of the Nagysándor settlement, Biczó István kert, the area enclosed by Füredi Road – Nyíl Street – Rakovszky Dániel Street – Hajnal Street – Wesselényi Street – Erzsébet Street – Nyugati Street – Pesti Street -Böszörményi Street. Also Ungvárikert, Nagycsere, Haláp, Husztikert, Júliatelep, Gáspár György-kert, Szepes, the northern part of Bayk András-kert, Mészáros Gergely-kert, the southern part of Lencztelep, Bellegelőkert, Apafa, Szikigyakor, Pallag, Dombostanya and Bánk.

The municipality is also counting on the cooperation of citizens to ensure effective control, as the public can reduce the number of breeding sites in gardens. The most effective means of insect control is to cover rainwater collection barrels and garden basins and to maintain gardens by regular mowing and mowing. These should be used to increase effectiveness.

Source: debrecen.hu | Photo credit: Pixabay

Author: Debrecen4U