Although an ocean separates Hungary and Mexico, certain similarities between the two municipalities in the fields of industry, education, economy and culture have created a fruitful relationship that offers the potential for continuous learning and co-development.

Recognising this, on the 20th of August 2015, Debrecen signed a twinning agreement with Toluca, one of the most important political and administrative centres in Mexico, making it the first twinning relationship in Latin America. Located 40 km to the west of Mexico City, the city shares many similarities with the capital, and the municipalities are built around the same strategic elements. Education is a priority in both places, with a separate university district.

In terms of industrial parks, Toluca also has a number of commonalities: the pharmaceutical and automotive industries are also major players, with Pfizer, Bayer, Sanofi Aventis, Chrysler, General Motors, Volvo, BMW, Nissan, Peugeot, and Bosch all represented.

The town, which is located near the Nevado de Toluca volcano at an altitude of over 4,500 metres, is accessible by 12 main roads and motorways and by train. In addition, Toluca International Airport is one of the most modern and secure airports in Latin America, and its surroundings form the most important financial district in the country. Toluca is also an important cultural centre of Mexican life, with important international connections. The museum district and the stadium are also a link between the two cities, and there are also similarities between the gastronomy of the two cities – Debrecen’s trademark is the Debrecen pároskolbász  (Debrecen paired sausage), while Toluca is famous for its verde chorizo de Toluca (green sausage).

So distance does not always mean distance. Finding and taking care of our common values binds us together and makes us stronger.

This is how the partnership with Toluca has become one of the pillars of Debrecen’s diversity.

The exhibition can be seen until the 27th of August at the FÓRUM shopping centre during opening hours.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U