The exhibition presents almost two hundred works by one hundred and twenty artists from Hungary and abroad.

In 7+1 units, MODEM will show the diversity of monochrome painting, how the paint or the canvas becomes part of the work.

The exhibition presents a comprehensive selection of monochrome works from the Antal-Lusztig Collection, one of the most significant private collections in Hungary. At the opening of the exhibition, Deputy Mayor István Puskás said that the special works of a Debrecen collection give the viewers a glimpse into the basics of painting.

‘It’s a branch of painting that at first glance is quite difficult to get to grips with: one colour, one image, put very simply. But the way it is presented here is much more than monochrome painting. It speaks about painting itself and teaches us a lot,’ István Puskás stressed at the opening.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U