The good weather not only favoured children and adults, the resident dogs were also invited. With the cookies bought at the event, they also supported the Dog House Animal Shelter.

The four-legged pets had a lot to do on Saturday afternoon, the residents of the Liget Residential Park gathered for the Animal May Festival. A family day of fun for young and old alike. Dogs passed the time on the doggy playground. Animals are important to the people of the Liget. Many residents in the area have dogs at home.

“I’m very happy about these events, and my goal is to organise as many animal-friendly and animal-related events as possible, because we can bring the importance of animal protection closer to the public, and we can talk about responsible animal husbandry,”  DMJV’s animal protection officer  Edina Szilágyi said.

There was also glitter painting, owl and bunny petting and arts and crafts for the children. Among the developments here, the Civaqua programme stands out. Thanks to this, the Tisza water now flows alongside the park.

“To ensure that the beautiful Civaqua lake,  which has been created from the reservoir,  can of course provide us with welfare services in the future, we will put picnic benches here and we want a recortan running track, because many people like to run,” Municipal Representative Erzsébet Katona said.

“May is the time for family activities, so a variety of programmes are organised in all parts of the city,” László Papp said  at the event.

“Wherever we are, there is always great interest in these programmes. They are organised with the support of local associations and the municipality, and you can see how much demand there is for them. But here we have combined the pleasant with the useful here, as we have also combined the support of the Dog House Foundation, a shelter, with the family afternoon,” László Papp emphasised.

At the Animal May Day Festival, the Kutyaház Animal Shelter could be supported by buying dog biscuits.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U