IL-PE Kft. in Bánk has taken another significant step forward in its development. 

The company, which manufactures household plastic products, built a new production hall last year and has now invested half a billion forints in improving production efficiency there. This has helped the small family firm to reach a level of development that makes it suitable for its role as a supplier to the emerging automotive industry in Debrecen.

Thousands of square metres of solar panels cover the roof of the state-of-the-art factory building. The use of renewable energy covers 20-30 percent of the plant’s electricity consumption, which manufactures household plastic products, significantly reducing production costs.

The hall houses three state-of-the-art robotic injection moulding lines. The digitalisation of the production process: monitors the plant’s energy consumption and production data in real-time to increase production quality and efficiency.

“The investment, worth around half a billion forints, was carried out with GINOP Plus funding and the company’s own resources. With this development, we have reached a level where we can supply the developing automotive industry in Debrecen,” , Managing Director of IL-PE Kft.  László Petis said. 

IL-PE Kft., which employs 60 people, has completed a series of successive developments over the past 6-7 years and plans to continue. The small family business in Bánk is developing in the spirit of increasing competitiveness and sustainability, which Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa described as exemplary. He stressed that Debrecen supports the development of the SME sector.

“Several programmes have been launched for the benefit of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, and IL-PE Kft. has participated in these programmes. We also have a new programme for the coming period, as we are launching a suppliers’ forum this autumn,” Lajos Barcsa stressed.

The new initiative will help to bring together large companies with local small and medium-sized enterprises in order to bring more companies from the SME sector in Debrecen into the supplier circle of large companies. 

Source: debrecen.hu (dehir.hu)

Author: Debrecen4U