The 24.hu news portal published an article entitled “Debrecen needs to tap its water resources to supply giant battery manufacturers and BMW”. It is another untrue fake news story.

The claim in the article, which is full of unverified information and erroneous conclusions, that a drilling permit is being issued for battery production in the Southern Economic Zone, is an untrue statement without any basis in reality.

It is the consistent position of the Municipality of the City of Debrecen and the indirectly owned Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. not to contribute to any industrial project for the construction of wells that could reach the drinking water base of Debrecen

The water and wastewater needs of industrial installations can only be met by the Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. under controlled and monitored conditions

Contrary to the information provided in the article on the South Economic Zone, the application for a well drilling permit in the South Economic Zone was not submitted in connection with the battery factory but in connection with the operations of a concrete plant. In accordance with established practice, Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. does not issue a consent statement in such cases. The Hajdú-Bihar County Disaster Management rejected the application. The decision of rejection is attached.

It is also untrue that a well would be constructed in the Northwestern Economic Zone to reach the drinking water base of Debrecen. The article falsely implies that a permit for a well in the BMW factory area was also applied to supply water to the factory. The reality is that a permit was requested to renovate two existing monitoring wells (i.e. wells that control groundwater protection) to ensure that the applicant complies with all environmental requirements in a controlled manner.

It is important to remind all editorial staff that misinformation and false conclusions can be used to create fear in the population.

Please only work with verified information, which can always be obtained from the Municipality of Debrecen.

Author: Debrecen4U