After the Municipality, the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District is also building a 96-seat nursery in the Józsa district.

In February, the first nursery was opened in Debrecen’s Józsa district, and on Tuesday the foundation stone was laid for the second. While the first one was built by the Municipality on Gönczy Pál Street in Felsőjózsa, the second one is being built by the Tiszántúli Reformed Church District on Platán Street in Alsójózsa. The 5,300 square metre plot of land for the nursery was given to the church free of charge by the Municipality following a decision of the general assembly.

The Tiszántúli Reformed Church District has won EU funding of HUF 1 billion 440 million through the European Recovery Plan, which will result in the construction of a 96-seat nursery with four group rooms.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, Reformed Bishop Károly Fekete said that they want to build a spiritual home for the children, who they hope will later consider the churches of Józsa as their spiritual home.

László Papp recalled that the statement that the future is being built in Debrecen has been made at several conferences recently, and as he said “ the construction of a nursery is the real guarantee that the future will indeed be built here”.

“Wherever a nursery, kindergarten or school is built, the future is seen in a positive light, with a positive perspective,” the Mayor said. László Papp added that Józsa was one of the most dynamically developing parts of Debrecen, with 13,000 inhabitants and many young people making it their home, so the new nurseries were much needed.

He emphasised that for years, supporting families has been a priority of urban policy, alongside job creation, and that these two efforts are most closely united in the construction of nurseries. He said that Debrecen would be adding five new nurseries in the next two years, and that together they would be able to meet all needs.

Deputy Mayor and Municipal Representative of the District Ákos Balázs began his speech by saying that there is an inscription on the bell of the Reformed Church of Alsójózsa that says “Strength lies in unity”. He added that the people of Józsa live their lives by this motto, and the building of the nursery is a good example of this. He emphasised that they have also developed a very close cooperation with the churches, giving land to the Catholics to build a church and now to the Reformed Church for the nursery.

He said that the Municipality is also trying to make improvements for the benefit of children, including the renovation of the kindergarten in Alsójózsa, the construction of a new gym in the kindergarten in Felsőjózsa and the recent opening of the nursery in Felsőjózsa. He also added that the Catholic Church is building a primary school in the District. The Deputy Mayor also spoke about the arrival of the Tisza water in Józsa thanks to the Civaqua programme, which is planned to be followed by new developments such as the planting of a forest and a running track at Tócó stream.

As he said, environmental protection is very important to the people of Józsa, and most of the local children’s educational institutions are eco-schools. “If you build a nursery and plant trees, you have faith in the future,” he highlighted.

On transport, Ákos Balázs said that the two most important future developments will be the construction of the Northern bypass in Józsa and the four-laning of Main Road 35 between Debrecen and Józsa.

Construction is scheduled to be completed by next summer. 

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U