The general assembly is expected to amend the town planning plan.

After November last year, the issue of making the section of Highway 4 between Debrecen and Hajdúszoboszló four-lane has been brought before the Debrecen city council again. Following the decisions taken at the time, the modification of the urban planning instruments has now been completed, and the state chief architect has given his consent, according to a presentation by István Gábor, the City’s Chief Architect, so the final version must now be adopted by the assembly.

In mid-December, the Ministry of Construction and Transport told Dehir.hu that the preparation of the design plans for the four-lane section of the Highway 4 between Debrecen and Hajdúszoboszló is still underway, “the documentation accepted by all parties concerned will be finalised in the course of 2024”. The ministry supports the implementation of the development adding that “the preparation of the necessary government decision has started.”

The plans were prepared by the Budapest-based UVATERV Road, Railway Plan Ltd. (UVATERV Út-, Vasúttervező Zrt.)  for half a billion HUF gross. In Debrecen, the starting point of the four-lane system will be István Road, and the end point will be the junction of main road 4 and road 34121, the eastern junction of the road bypassing Hajdúszoboszló. This section of  road is about 15 km long. 

The municipal study plan for the development was also attached to the proposals (the document can also be downloaded here), which shows, for example, that the lobbying of the people of Hajdúszoboszló, who asked for a roundabout at the exit of the main road 4 in Szomboszló, was successful.

Another plan shows that there will be some more complicated junctions between Ebes and Debrecen, and the Nádas junction looks very impressive.

Once the design plans are ready and the government decides to proceed with the project, the Ministry of Construction and Transport will have to prepare the public procurement for the construction (at least half a year) and then carry it out. This takes at least a year for a project of this size, as there are usually many questions from interested companies about the technical and other content, which have to be answered one by one, and the deadline for submission is always extended. If a contractor is found, it can take 3-4 years to four-lane a 15-kilometre stretch. 

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U