On the 6th of June 2024, the programme “Planting another 10 000 trees!” was launched in Felsőjózsa.

An important milestone has been reached for the people of Józsa.  Another element of the 50-measure Green Codex package has begun at the end of Sillye Gábor Street. A total of 150 ash trees were planted along this two-kilometre stretch. Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Ákos Balázs called for the reintroduction of so-called field protection forest zones to improve air quality in the city.

“This is very important in the case of Józsa, too, as the trees bind the dust from the fields. The motorway is not far away, so there is also particulate matter from traffic, which can be significantly reduced by restoring these field protection forest strips,” he stressed.

The 2-3 year old pre-bred seedlings were donated by the employees of Szinorg Universal Zrt. They also helped with the planting of the trees. The company group is committed to the Debrecen 2030 programme and to green and sustainable operations, as Gyula Szűcs, the company’s CEO, said at the event.

Gyula Szűcs mentioned that he and his colleagues are very much in agreement with the programme set out in the Green Codex, especially the afforestation programme. They are delighted that together they are now planting the first of the next ten thousand trees. He added that Szinorg would be happy to continue to participate in the greening of the city.

At the planting ceremony, Ákos Balázs also spoke about Debrecen’s application for the title of European Green Capital, and the city is counting on the cooperation of local companies and businesses in this work.

Balogh Judit
Author: Balogh Judit