This year, the C.A.S.A 15 international architecture student competition will be held at the University of Debrecen’s Faculty of Technology. Almost two hundred students and fifty lecturers from two Hungarian, four Romanian and one Serbian university are participating in this year’s competition. The host Department of Architecture is represented by sixty students.

The challenge is to design a small-scale residential and community building on a vacant site in Debrecen, with buildings of civic value in the surrounding area. The entries will be judged by a jury of experts in June.

On Saturday, the contestants heard several presentations on Debrecen’s built heritage. 

Deputy Mayor István Puskás described the event as follows, “Debrecen is experiencing an era of intense change, which is natural in the life of a city. In the case of rapid processes, it is important to preserve our built heritage, and the architecture students participating in the competition are now joining this thinking, and they are approaching our city from a new perspective.”

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U