This year, the Festival will be held in a new location, on Dósa nádor Square. On Saturday, the event will feature a variety of professions and stage performances for all ages. This year, more than fifty companies, businesses and institutions are taking part in the programme.

Local transportation company DKV is this year’s special partner of the Festival, and on Saturday they will be presenting their work to all those interested.

“We will bring a vehicle and professionals who have been working at DKV PLC. for a long time and can give experiences and ideas to the students who are there and want to talk to them,” Technical and Operations Director of DKV Csaba Pongor said.

The event will also present the institutions and economic partners of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre.

At the Festival, visitors will also be able to find out about the faculties of the University of Debrecen and the courses there.

“The first of June will be a day of celebration for vocational training on Dósa Nádor Square. The most important objective is to show ourselves, to show vocational education and training in Debrecen, but not alone, because vocational education and training institutions are not successful alone, but together with our partners,” Chancellor of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre Zsolt Tirpák said.

“Debrecen is undergoing significant economic development, so it is important that young workers have the right skills,” Deputy Mayor Lajos Barcsa said. He added that more than 20,000 new jobs have been created in the last period. According to the deputy mayor, it is very important to combine these employer needs with the training that for example the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre can provide, because these vacancies need to be filled by someone, and all companies rely on the local workforce. 

The vocational festival on the 1st of June is open from 10 am. to 6 pm. The organisers are expecting around four thousand visitors.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U